Thurston Howell Romney Video

Note: I ‘borrowed’ the Thurston Howell Romney title from David Brooks’ excellent article in the New York Times. I’m, more than a little, dismayed that so many people were surprised by the following Mitt Romney video: Suggesting that forty-seven percent of the US population are ‘moochers’ is shocking, especially coming from someone who aspires to … Read more

Food Chemicals

What are food chemicals? Food additives, mostly salt, smoke and various flavourings have been used for many hundreds, if not many thousands of years. About a hundred years ago, not much had changed on the additive front, most people purchased their vegetables, fruit, meat (including fish), dairy, grains, fats and oils, locally and only in … Read more

Canada’s Environmental Irresponsibility

I’m embarrassed by Canada’s environmental irresponsibility and specifically by Canada’s current conservative governance. The most recent embarrassment is Canada’s withdrawal from the Kyoto Protocol; making Canada the first country in the world to abandon this historic, international, environmental treaty on climate change. Abandoning Kyoto was irresponsible. It’s also humiliating, Canada is better than this. Fact: … Read more

1% vs 99%

1% vs 99%: Capitalism has been hijacked by greed. For the last couple of decades, capitalism has been primarily benefiting just 1% of our population. Q: Are you pissed with politics? I am too, but don’t make the mistake of thinking, "Politician’s just don’t get it." The reality is that conservative politicians are getting exactly … Read more

SONY DHR-1000 Prosumer Video Studio

Shoot and edit your video with or without a computer. Great fun! Give Steven Spielberg a run for his money. SONY Prosumer Video Studio DHR-1000 SONY Digital Video Cassette Recorder (DV/MiniDV editor) GV-D300 SONY Digital Video Cassette Recorder (MiniDV) PVM-14M2U SONY Trinitron Monitor DCR-TRV900 SONY 3CCD miniDV Handycam SPC-DVF2 SONY Handycam sports (submersible case) VCL-ES20x2 … Read more