Food Chemicals

Food Chemicals Codex

What are food chemicals?

Food additives, mostly salt, smoke and various flavourings have been used for many hundreds, if not many thousands of years. About a hundred years ago, not much had changed on the additive front, most people purchased their vegetables, fruit, meat (including fish), dairy, grains, fats and oils, locally and only in season.

The food industry and food scientists have done a remarkable job of making most foods available year round. Unfortunately, convenience has resulted in a very long list of food chemicals. Did you know that there’s a book called the Food Chemicals Codex (FCC) that lists over a thousand chemicals (flavourings, colourants, preservatives, processing aids and nutrients) that are commonly added to our food?

Over 1,000 Food Chemicals

Would our health be better if we only consumed food that actually looked like food rather than most of the packaged stuff we see in the grocery store?