Thurston Howell Romney Video

Note: I ‘borrowed’ the Thurston Howell Romney title from David Brooks’ excellent article in the New York Times. I’m, more than a little, dismayed that so many people were surprised by the following Mitt Romney video: Suggesting that forty-seven percent of the US population are ‘moochers’ is shocking, especially coming from someone who aspires to … Read more

1% vs 99%

1% vs 99%: Capitalism has been hijacked by greed. For the last couple of decades, capitalism has been primarily benefiting just 1% of our population. Q: Are you pissed with politics? I am too, but don’t make the mistake of thinking, "Politician’s just don’t get it." The reality is that conservative politicians are getting exactly … Read more


Tycoon? I’m not even close, but frankly, becoming a wealthy tycoon was never on my list. Yesterday morning, I was speaking to someone on the phone, who imagined I was a tycoon sitting in a grand, plush office. He asked, "What are you looking at right now?" In my home office, the views are: out … Read more