Guns, Racism and a Crappy Law

George Zimmerman

From my Canadian perspective the acquittal of George Zimmerman was a disgusting decision forced upon jurors by an idiotic law. Bluntly, it was one more blow to America's image as a civilized nation. It should not be possible for anyone to easily comprehend that Trayvon Martin, a barely seventeen, unarmed kid, could be targeted and subsequently killed, with the blessing of the Florida legal system. Unfortunately, we've come to expect nonsense like this from the USA. Guns, racism and a crappy law made it inevitable. Would you agree that there would not have been an innocent verdict if the ethnic origins were reversed and an armed, twenty-eight-year-old African American profiled and then fatally shot an unarmed, whitish-hispanic teenager?

I recommend that you read Cord Jefferson's article, 'The Zimmerman Jury Told Young Black Men What We Already Knew.'

My condolences to the Martin family.

Image courtesy of Huffington Post and AP

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Carol Jefferson
Carol Jefferson
9 years ago

Zimmerman wasn’t arrested for 44 days after the February 26, 2012, shooting as police in Sanford insisted that Florida’s Stand Your Ground law on self-defence prohibited them from bringing charges. Florida gives people wide latitude to use deadly force if they fear death or bodily harm.