Guns, Racism and a Crappy Law

From my Canadian perspective the acquittal of George Zimmerman was a disgusting decision forced upon jurors by an idiotic law. Bluntly, it was one more blow to America's image as a civilized nation. It should not be possible for anyone to easily comprehend that Trayvon Martin, a barely seventeen, unarmed kid, could be targeted and … Read more

Wendy’s Seasons

‘Wendy’s Seasons – Ideas for a Beautiful Life’ is now available. Q: What is Wendy’s Seasons? A: It’s Wendy Eves’ first eBook. Here’s Wendy’s description: Wendy’s Seasons blends ideas, stories, examples and even small projects to inspire you to create your own beautiful and joy filled life. Wendy’s Seasons will help you find the beauty … Read more

Induction Wok

Q: What on earth is an induction wok? A: It’s tasty stir-fry made easy High-Frequency Electromagnet + Magnetic Cast-Iron Wok = Yummy Background: My stove uses traditional heating elements. I’ve always been fascinated by induction cook tops. My daughters and son gave me a portable induction ‘burner’ a couple of days ago. Yesterday we picked … Read more

Potato Print Baby Clothes

My daughter, Jen, created some potato print baby clothes (everyone calls them onesies*) as a baby shower gift for her best friend. They were a big hit. Jen would love to print some for you. Soft cotton: potato printed with adorable baby animals non-toxic fabric paint sizes 0-3 months, 3-6 months, 6-9 months and 9-12 … Read more