Doctor’s Bag

Doctor's Bag photo

I received my doctor’s bag as a gift. Background story:

On a dark night in 1974, I heard someone yelling, “Doctor Eves Dr. Eves“. The guy yelling was Marty, a Navy medic. Marty and I were on duty at the Canadian Forces Base Esquimalt Hospital in Victoria BC. A retired Navy vet had diverted to HMCS Naden because he was certain his wife would not survive long enough to get to the Royal Jubilee Hospital. When the couple set out, his plan was to take her to the Emergency Room, but her breathing suddenly got much worse.

When I laid eyes on her, it was immediately obvious he had made the right decision. His terrified partner’s mouth and nose were bubbling a blood-tinged froth. She was a bluish colour, gasping, drowning in her own fluids. A quick assessment proved my first guess was right, she had pulmonary oedema. She was near death for about thirty minutes, but after some oxygen, furosemide, ethacrynic acid, nitroglycerin, a little morphine, rotating tourniquets and two phlebotomies, her air entry slowly improved. Once she stabilized I transferred her, by ambulance, to the civilian hospital.

About a week later, I asked my wife, who worked in the RJH CCU, how’s that lady doing, the one I sent over from the military hospital? My wife explained that she hadn’t heard anything about her after she was transferred to the medical ward. The next day, something was clearly off, my always-smiling wife looked sad as she approached. She had tried to follow up, at the hospital, but was told the resilient older gal had died. Whoa, what a shame, no wonder my wife had adopted a gloomy expression to prepare me for such bad news.

Many weeks later I was walking up the ramp from the surgical ward to the main hospital when I encountered an elderly couple. I recognized the man as the husband, from that dark night, but I didn’t recognize the lady that was with him. After saying hello, he related to me that the cardiologists at RJH had told him, “That young military doctor saved your wife’s life.” Wait, what, “saved”, was this really his wife? Ends up, it was. She looked so healthy I didn’t know her. Happy days! They presented me with a doctor’s bag, as a “small token” of their thanks. We then shared a cheery conversation.

Almost half a century later, I still have the bag. It was an excessively generous gift, crafted to endure and it still evokes an enjoyable, early-days-in-medical-wellness memory.

Confession: On the day I received my doctor’s bag, I’m grateful that, even though I was a chatty young fellow, I was able to resist blurting out the first thing that popped into my head, which was, “Oh, mmmmyyyy God, I thought you were dead“. 😉

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Fresh Water or Heavy Crude

Q: What’s more valuable fresh water or heavy crude oil?
A: We can’t survive without water.

Although my, ‘Well Duh,’ answer is obvious, I’m writing it here because most people aren’t factoring future generations into their valuations.

Canada’s most valuable resource is an abundance of fresh water. Bitumen, heavy crude oil, is not even close.

California is currently experiencing the worst drought in at least a hundred years. If this drought is related to ‘Global Warming,’ it’s clearly a very big deal. If linked, the worst is yet to come. What happens when the drought moves north? Are Alberta and Saskatchewan at risk? Will the oil sands’ provinces come to regret:

  • wasting millions of gallons of fresh water to extract bitumen from sand
  • poisoning precious fresh water supplies?

Q: What’s driving oil sands’ development?
A: Asia’s demand for fuel and Big Oil’s bottom line.

Short-term thinking and greed are scary things. Folks, who aren’t part of the financial class, may not realize that almost all oil sands’ profits go directly to multinational corporations and their shareholders. Very little money stays in Canada. Will these same folks be shocked when the proposed pipelines come online and cause domestic gas prices to rise? The current tar sands’ economy has never made sense for the vast majority of Canadian families.

Q: What will happen if we don’t change direction?
A: In not much more than a decade, or two, our children will be saying, “What were our parents thinking? Why didn’t they heed the environmentalists’ warnings? Why did they listen to the Harper Government and Big Oil?” and they would be justified to conclude that “Our parents were short-sighted assholes.”

It’s time to get off of the Conservative Liberal teeter-totter.

Guns, Racism and a Crappy Law

George Zimmerman

From my Canadian perspective the acquittal of George Zimmerman was a disgusting decision forced upon jurors by an idiotic law. Bluntly, it was one more blow to America's image as a civilized nation. It should not be possible for anyone to easily comprehend that Trayvon Martin, a barely seventeen, unarmed kid, could be targeted and subsequently killed, with the blessing of the Florida legal system. Unfortunately, we've come to expect nonsense like this from the USA. Guns, racism and a crappy law made it inevitable. Would you agree that there would not have been an innocent verdict if the ethnic origins were reversed and an armed, twenty-eight-year-old African American profiled and then fatally shot an unarmed, whitish-hispanic teenager?

I recommend that you read Cord Jefferson's article, 'The Zimmerman Jury Told Young Black Men What We Already Knew.'

My condolences to the Martin family.

Image courtesy of Huffington Post and AP

Diagnose Illness with a Smartphone

Is it possible to diagnose illness with a smartphone? In the very near future a smartphone will vastly improve your healthcare provider's ability to support your wellness.

Decades ago, some doctors worried that computers might replace our profession. Other doctors, the clever ones, knew that the digital age would be a boon to our patients. A brilliant American cardiologist, geneticist and researcher, Doctor Eric Topol, recently spoke with NBC (Rock Center – Brian Williams) about medicine's digital revolution. Here's the video interview titled, 'iDoctor Could a smartphone be the future of medicine?':

If this YouTube video disappears, here's a link to the original NBC version.

If you found the video tantalizing, check out Doctor Topol's most recent book, 'The Creative Destruction of Medicine: How the Digital Revolution Will Create Better Health Care':

History: In the early days of computers in the office, it was easy to impress. Other medical offices were often dismayed when my receptionist was able to immediately provide them with patient details. She used QuickDex running on an Apple Mac II. I would export baseline information from my FileMaker database to her QuickDex every morning before the office opened.

I recall the head nurse in the ER being overly impressed with how quickly I was able to give her full medical history details based only on the baseline information she had been given by the ambulance dispatcher. All I had to do was to search a few fields in my FileMaker database.

How far we've already travelled. Imagine what's yet to come!

Wendy’s Seasons

Wendys Seasons cover

‘Wendy’s Seasons – Ideas for a Beautiful Life’ is now available.

Q: What is Wendy’s Seasons?
A: It’s Wendy Eves’ first eBook.

Here’s Wendy’s description:

Wendy’s Seasons blends ideas, stories, examples and even small projects to inspire you to create your own beautiful and joy filled life. Wendy’s Seasons will help you find the beauty that is within you and that surrounds you.  It all starts in ‘A Garden of Ideas.’ Find an idea to guide your way. In addition there are surprises. Tap a forget-me-not and it will show you a story, a thought or an example of the idea in practice. Each of ‘The Seasons’ contains something beautiful you can do to give that little extra. ‘Starlight’ is my way of thanking the beautiful people who have affected and enriched my life. Everyone of us is a star in someone’s life. It is the accumulation of little things, small actions, simple choices that will make a beautiful difference in someone else’s life. Know that you are appreciated. And finally ‘Ideas at Work’ are examples of letters, essays and projects demonstrating beauty in action.

Here’s my take: ‘Wendy’s Seasons – Ideas for a Beautiful Life’ is a gorgeous, work of love that focuses on discovering hope, beauty and happiness within the ups and downs of living your life. I watched Wendy paint her watercolour images, wearing reading glasses, holding an illuminated magnifying glass in one hand and her paintbrush in the other hand. I enjoyed watching her work with our first daughter, Jen Eves, who creatively enhanced Wendy’s drawings and then masterfully helped her mother layout every page of the book. Jen was in the final month of her second pregnancy at the time. The world is full of negative images and words, ‘Wendy’s Seasons’ is a respite from that place, it’s beautiful and positive. I know you’ll enjoy it. Grab your copy of ‘Wendy’s Seasons’ from the iTunes Store for just $1.99 and then enjoy it on your iPad on one of those grey days.

>> visit the iTunes Store – ‘Wendy’s Seasons’

Clearly, I’m a very biased fan, Wendy and I have been married for over forty years.

*iTunes, iTunes Store and iPad are registered trademarks of Apple Inc.

Overcome Voter Suppression

It’s been very well documented that Republican State Governments, in electoral swing-states, have introduced Voter ID laws in a brazen attempt to steal the 2012 election for Mitt Romney. While the lawmakers and courts go to war over the legality of their legislation, there’s something simple you can do to ensure that your opinion is heard:

Watch the ‘Rock the Vote #WeWill Video’

and then visit

Thurston Howell Romney Video

Thurston Howell Romney

Note: I ‘borrowed’ the Thurston Howell Romney title from David Brooks’ excellent article in the New York Times.

I’m, more than a little, dismayed that so many people were surprised by the following Mitt Romney video:

Suggesting that forty-seven percent of the US population are ‘moochers’ is shocking, especially coming from someone who aspires to be President, but no one should be surprised that it was Mitt Romney that said it.

Folks, Mitt Romney is a private equity guy. Private equity/leveraged buyout people are not job creators. It’s always about personal PROFIT.

2012 Bill Clinton Speech Video

Brilliant! Here’s the 2012 Bill Clinton speech video:

National Anthem by Mitt Romney

The National Anthem by Mitt Romney aka ‘Firms’ is a 2012 Presidential campaign ad approved by Barack Obama. It’s a beauty. I suspect it will change the Obama/Romney vote ratio in the President’s favour.

Attack ads have become an unfortunate, but accepted, part of modern day politics. In Canada the political parties have small budgets and produce lame ads. In the USA, enormous budgets allow campaign managers to hire the very best consultants. Whoever dreamt up the national anthem by Mitt Romney deserves a big bonus. She/He/They crafted a very simple thirty second ad, that takes a potentially complicated subject and delivers a clear message in a manner that couldn’t be more straightforward. The ad packs an immense psychological impact. This is precisely why the vast majority of Americans are so frustrated.

Note: Yes, I do know ‘America the Beautiful’ isn’t ‘The Star Spangled Banner’.