Stress Fracture or Osteoarthritis

Lesson: If you’re middle-aged?, a scissor-kick, high-jump can lead directly to the debate, stress fracture or osteoarthritis? Background: For those who don’t know, I was a GP in Cumberland/Courtenay, Comox Valley, BC for thirteen years. One sunny day, while visiting Stanley Park, a thirty-eight-year-old? GP was feeling half his age. His brain said “I’ll bet … Read more

Doctor’s Bag

I received my doctor’s bag as a gift. Background story: On a dark night in 1974, I heard someone yelling, “Doctor Eves Dr. Eves“. The guy yelling was Marty, a Navy medic. Marty and I were on duty at the Canadian Forces Base Esquimalt Hospital in Victoria BC. A retired Navy vet had diverted to … Read more

Diagnose Illness with a Smartphone

Is it possible to diagnose illness with a smartphone? In the very near future a smartphone will vastly improve your healthcare provider's ability to support your wellness. Decades ago, some doctors worried that computers might replace our profession. Other doctors, the clever ones, knew that the digital age would be a boon to our patients. … Read more

Food Chemicals

What are food chemicals? Food additives, mostly salt, smoke and various flavourings have been used for many hundreds, if not many thousands of years. About a hundred years ago, not much had changed on the additive front, most people purchased their vegetables, fruit, meat (including fish), dairy, grains, fats and oils, locally and only in … Read more

Canada’s Environmental Irresponsibility

I’m embarrassed by Canada’s environmental irresponsibility and specifically by Canada’s current conservative governance. The most recent embarrassment is Canada’s withdrawal from the Kyoto Protocol; making Canada the first country in the world to abandon this historic, international, environmental treaty on climate change. Abandoning Kyoto was irresponsible. It’s also humiliating, Canada is better than this. Fact: … Read more

Natural Gas Fracking

What is natural gas fracking or fracking for natural gas? Fracking is a, commonly used, short way of saying or writing hydraulic fracturing. Wikipedia‘s descriptive first sentence is: Hydraulic fracturing, often called fracking, fracing or hydrofracking, is the process of initiating and subsequently propagating a fracture in a rock layer, by means of a pressurized … Read more

A Retired MD’s Observations

Retired MD, Frank Eves’ generalized, observations about a few things noticed along the way: a doctor’s humanity is often more valuable than his/her education humility and a sense of humour/humor are invaluable listening carefully to the client/patient avoids most problems it’s tough to always be on-time when you’re trying to do it right most doctors … Read more

Antioxidants – An Everyday Battle for Life

Antioxidants – An Everyday Battle for Life – it’s those radicals again Free Radicals – the bad guys (mostly) Free radicals are highly charged matter that can damage or even destroy mitochondrial DNA and cell membranes. Free radicals are usually oxygen molecules that have lost one of their electrons and therefore have what’s referred to … Read more