Humorous Medical Recollections 3

Health-care professionals and the situations they create are frequently chuckle-worthy. It may not be ‘Carry on Doctor‘, but, sometimes, it’s close. So Embarrassing When I was a much younger fellow, I encountered an uncommonly good-looking-woman. Q: What did you do? A: My med-student brain fogged over and… Chest examination (IPPA): Inspection done, Palpation done, Percussion … Read more

Bronco Billy Mayor of Cumberland

Bronco Billy William “Bronco” Moncrief, recently deceased (20220925), was, for many years, the Mayor of Cumberland BC. Nicknames have always been a thing in Cumberland. Bill Moncrief was once a paperboy. Someone, on his route, familiar with the comic strip, nicknamed Billy Moncrief, Bronco Billy. Bronco stuck. I enjoyed Bronco, his interactions with me were … Read more

Amusing Recollections 2

Years ago I wrote Amusing Recollections, here are seven more, I’ve called them Amusing Recollections 2. I’ll post again if I remember other chuckle worthy stories. When I was a fourth year medical student, I arrived on the oncology ward one morning and was immediately summoned by a smiling elderly fellow. I found his short … Read more

Amusing Recollections

Fans of ‘Carry On Doctor’ or ‘Doc Martin‘ know there are times when medicine creates amusing recollections. If you’re sensitive about dark humour, not gallows stuff, but semi-taboo subjects, you may want to skip this post. Here are just a few of the many things that made me laugh: at the end of an overly … Read more

Not a Come From Away Story

‘Come From Away’ stories and even a Broadway play are all the rage these days. This short post is not a ‘Come From Away’ story, rather it’s a single page ‘Come Apart’ adventure. A sigmoidoscopy gone wrong, let me explain. Picture this: A smirking gastroenterologist looks at five medical students and commands, “Take a deep … Read more