My Sock Drawer

My Sock Drawer Reveals $113 Mortgage

I cleaned out my sock drawer the other day and made a couple of interesting discoveries, one was my 1972 pocket Success Diary.

Frank Eves Success Diary

I found my expenses list particularly interesting. A few examples:

  • Mortgage payment $113 (one bedroom condo)
  • Hydro $15.77
  • Telephone $8.19
  • Cable TV $14.83
  • Gas for 1 month $15.55

Also interesting:

  • 4th year medical school tuition $636
  • Med school textbooks $100

Med School for $636 and a month’s gas for $15.55. How things have changed. It’s not so much that prices have gone up, it’s just that today’s dollar doesn’t have much value.

So, why did I keep my 1972 diary for almost forty years? Wendy and I were married in 1972, between my third and fourth year of medical school and between Wendy’s second and third year of nursing school. We both attended the University of Ottawa.

Here’s a scanned snapshot of Wendy in our $113 one bedroom condo.

Wendy in Ottawa condo

I’ll write about another sock drawer discovery later.