Knowles' plate of Rockwell's Tycoon

Tycoon? I’m not even close, but frankly, becoming a wealthy tycoon was never on my list.

Yesterday morning, I was speaking to someone on the phone, who imagined I was a tycoon sitting in a grand, plush office. He asked, "What are you looking at right now?" In my home office, the views are:

  • out of the window beyond my computer
  • desktop ‘treasures’ at the back of my desk (not shown)
  • more fun stuff on my left desk (desk #2) and on my right desk (desk #3)
  • and framed pictures on my wall,

but, as it ended up, he was primarily interested in some details about my computer.

Frank Eves desktop

These days I have a very modest computer setup, but it does everything I want it to, plus it’s great fun and never gives me any grief.

Why the ‘Tycoon’ title? The picture is a Knowles’ plate featuring Norman Rockwell’s ‘Tycoon’. I found the plate when I was tidying my office.