Collective Good

"We, Not Just Me"

I was channel surfing when the words "collective good" grabbed my attention. Ends up, the author of a recent book was being interviewed.

That Used To Be Us book cover

Thomas Friedman, co-author of ‘That Used To Be Us’ is an American journalist who has won the Pulitzer Prize three times.

Thomas Friedman

The reason Thomas Friedman’s words, "collective good" resonated with me, is that consideration of what’s good for the country is what’s currently missing in the USA. I’m convinced that greedy conservatives are largely responsible for the current political stalemate.

Wouldn’t you agree that a significant percentage of America’s economy is based on consumer spending?

Q: Why aren’t consumers spending?
A: The top 1—2% of income earners have all the money and many potential consumers don’t even have a job.

Unfortunately, many misguided, billionaire-controlled, GOP/Republicans are selfishly avoiding their responsibility for job creation. Did you know that:

  • most American corporations are enjoying record profits
  • most corporations are not hiring

Why do Republicans still want to "give these so-called job creators a tax break"?

Clearly, reducing spending is only part of the equation, corporations and the rich need to pay their share. It’s past time to consider the collective good and get America back to work.

I don’t think it’s overly dramatic to suggest that the American Dream in play. What does Thomas Friedman think? You might enjoy the following video that features an interview with Thomas Friedman:

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