SONY DHR-1000 Prosumer Video Studio

SONY DHR-1000 video studio

Shoot and edit your video with or without a computer.

Great fun! Give Steven Spielberg a run for his money.

SONY Prosumer Video Studio

SONY DHR-1000 editing console

  • DHR-1000 SONY Digital Video Cassette Recorder (DV/MiniDV editor)
  • GV-D300 SONY Digital Video Cassette Recorder (MiniDV)
  • PVM-14M2U SONY Trinitron Monitor
  • DCR-TRV900 SONY 3CCD miniDV Handycam
  • SPC-DVF2 SONY Handycam sports (submersible case)
  • VCL-ES20x2 SONY Universal Correction Lens Kit
  • VCL-0752Hx0.7 SONY Wide-angle Converter
  • VCL-1452Hx1.4 SONY Telephoto Converter
  • HVL-20DW2 SONY Video Light
  • AC-V700 SONY AC Adaptor/Charger
  • NP-F950 SONY InfoLITHIUM Battery
  • NP-F950 SONY InfoLITHIUM Battery
  • NP-F550 SONY InfoLITHIUM Battery
  • NP-F550 SONY InfoLITHIUM Battery
  • NP-F330 SONY InfoLITHIUM Battery
  • DS-5 Circular Polarizer B+W
  • 1450 Case Pelican

$895 for everything – all items, excepting batteries, are in mint condition

My youngest daughter is selling my video gear on Vancouver’s Craigslist.

Both digital video cassette recorders (mini-DV and mini-DV/DV) and the camera are equipped with FireWire (IEEE 1394) interfaces.

Update: All of the equipment listed above has been sold. Thank you for your interest.

Best Mac Apps

Best Mac Apps

Best Mac Apps: Frank Eves’ shortcut to getting the best software for your Mac.

  • 1Password create strong, unique passwords, remember them, restore them
  • Aperture refine images, showcase photos and manage massive libraries
  • AppDelete uninstall applications, widgets, preference panes, plugins, screensavers along with their associated files
  • Apple iLife iPhoto, iMovie and GarageBand
  • Apple iWork Pages, Numbers and Keynote
  • Art Text create textual graphics, headings, logos, icons, web site elements and buttons
  • BBEdit HTML and text editor
  • BetterZip compress, decompress and manage your archives
  • Carbon Copy Cloner backup featuring scheduled clones
  • ColorSchemer Studio create professional color schemes
  • CrashPlan offsite backup
  • DEVONthink Pro Office manage info with AI help
  • Direct Mail create, manage, and deliver powerful email marketing campaigns
  • Dragon Dictate input text by speaking
  • Dropbox share files
  • ForkLift advanced file manager and FTP/SFTP/TLS/Amazon S3/WEBDav client
  • Google Earth the world’s geographic information at your fingertips
  • Growl lets Mac apps unobtrusively tell you when things happen
  • HoudahSpot makes good on the promise of quickly finding the files you search for
  • Knox secure your files create as many encrypted vaults as you want
  • Labels & Addresses design and print address, shipping, file folder and barcode labels
  • LicenseKeeper track information related to your purchased software
  • OmniGraffle Professional create diagrams, process charts, quick page-layouts, websites, wireframes or graphic designs
  • OmniOutliner Professional more than just an outlining tool
  • Panorama Sheets powerful database with the familiar simplicity of a spreadsheet
  • PCalc fully featured scientific calculator supports hexadecimal, octal and binary calculations, RPN mode, parentheses, programmable functions, and unit conversions
  • PDFpenPro edit PDFs, create and edit forms
  • PopChar get the most out of your fonts, special characters a few clicks away
  • PTHPasteboard PRO multiple pasteboard
  • Reeder Google RSS reader
  • ScreenFlow screencasting, capture contents of monitor, video camera, microphone and computer’s audio at the same time
  • Skitch screen capture, crop, resize, sketch… then share
  • Skype free computer to computer voice and video calls
  • Sound Studio record and edit digital audio
  • Syncman synchronizes Address Book with Gmail Contacts
  • TextExpander avoid typing the same thing over and over, customized abbreviations for text strings and graphics
  • Textmate text editor with powerful snippets, macros, and a unique scoping system
  • TextSoap effortlessly cleans up text
  • Things task management
  • Toast Titanium burn DVDs
  • Transmit the #1 Mac OS X FTP client
  • Vector Designer simple, intuitive and powerful vector drawing
  • VidConvert simple and easy video converter
  • VueScan Professional scan documents, photos and film
  • Webnote powerful easy bookmarking
  • xScope measure, align and inspect on-screen graphics and layouts

It’s subjective 🙂 , but after purchasing hundreds of apps, I’ve concluded that these are, currently, the best Mac Apps for doing what I do. One of the first things you’ll notice is that I’ve eliminated old-time favourites like Adobe Creative Suite and Microsoft Office. I’ve also removed dozens of lesser known apps. Let me know what’s missing and feel free to suggest better apps.

Punch Cards to iPad


Punched cards have been used for centuries to aid automation. When I was in med school, at the University of Ottawa, I occasionally watched the engineering guys cursing their IBM, punch-card stacks, while I waited to meet my wife, who was in U of O’s nursing school.

punch cards to the iPad

It doesn’t feel like a long time but, computer history from punch cards to CP/M PCs to Macs and now to the iPad tells a longer story; from punch cards to iPad.

Observation: iPad users seldom curse. 🙂

What’s next?

Vancouver Island Favourites (1974—1990)

Vancouver Island

When I mentioned Cumberland yesterday, it prompted a little reflection.

My family and I lived on Vancouver Island from 1974 to 1990:

  • Victoria (1974—1976)
  • CFS (Canadian Forces Station) Holberg (1976—1977)
  • Cumberland (1977—1990)

A few of the people, excluding patients, who left a lasting, positive, impression were (listed chronologically):

  • Nestor, Jim, Mel, Mike, Pat, Wally and Pete
  • Bruce, Steve, Margie, Bob and Micky
  • Ellie, Donalda, Lydia, Linda, Carolyn, Kurt, Gino, Catherine, Penny, Millie, Tanis and Bruce

You guys know your last names.

A few places on the island that made me smile:

1984: Long Ago, Cumberland, Computers…


How long ago was 1984? Jump into your ‘way back machine’ courtesy of this short, Apple, internal video. Pay attention to:

  • the music
  • the clothes
  • and particularly the computers

Unlike many of you, I was alive in 1984, living in the Comox Valley, on Vancouver Island, on Canada’s west coast. I was living in Cumberland. FYI, the picture of Cumberland above was not taken in 1984; it’s a picture of Cumberland’s China Town back in Cumberland’s coal mining days. Two of my three children had been born, they were eight and six. I even had one of those little Mac computers.

1984 was a long time ago.

Mac 1984

iPad DODOcase Story

iPad DODOcase

I’ve heard that the world’s largest container ships (15,000 containers) travel from China to the US to supply Wal-Mart. I’ve also heard that the same ships return to China almost empty.

Wal-Mart container ship

Paraphrasing from a video I watched on TV, billionaire T. Boone Pickens said, “We have witnessed the largest transfer of wealth in the history of the world.”

Lesson: Outsourcing to China and others has cost North America much of its fortune.

Perhaps that’s why I’m always heartened when I hear about a North American, small business, manufacturing success story.

What do traditional bookbinding and the iPad have in common?

Glimpse at the iPad DODOcase story

2 Books, 1 Old – 1 New, 1 Free – 1 Not

>> download Think and Grow Rich PDF

>> Aspire – Discovering Your Purpose Through the Power of Words

A Boy’s Motor Vehicle Lust

Fiat 500ev and Lamborghini Murciélago

What’s happened to me? Once upon a time, not so very long ago, the Lambo would have raised my heart rate. Today, I’m attracted to the Fiat electric. It’s either ‘Low T’ or I’ve become practical; I’m a little concerned that Low T and practical are the same thing. 🙂

WordPress Themes – Frugal, Headway or Thesis?

When I began shopping for a ‘WordPress Premium Theme’ three names kept popping up – Frugal, Headway and Thesis. I believe Thesis was the first design platform/framework theme and as such had been recommended by any number of big-shot bloggers. That said, it quickly became obvious to me that the newcomers Frugal and Headway were worthy of my very serious consideration.

Background: I’m not an Internet guru or web developer, I’m a retired medical doctor who enjoys the flexibility of creating my own online presence. I wanted a theme that was flexible and powerful, but most importantly I wanted a theme that was straightforward to use; I didn’t want to spend hours playing with CSS, HTML and PHP.

A couple of things grabbed my attention early on. Eric Hamm the guy behind the frugalTHEME, appeared to have a very logical mind and struck me as, not just a clever fellow, but also as a nice guy who was/is determined to help less web-savvy folks and, ultimately, to create a great WordPress framework supported by an active online community.

When I had a close look at the Frugal theme I liked:

  • the video tutorials
  • the theme support forum
  • the very clean default style
  • the straightforward SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
  • after making changes the ability to revert to a previous snapshot
  • the options export and import
  • the image uploader

In the end, I chose the frugalTHEME because it was user-friendly, and fully customizable (about 600 options organized in a logical way). I purchased what they call the Developer Basic version yesterday (20100605). I’m looking forward to the promised Frugal theme upgrades for life.

Disclaimer: After purchasing frugalTHEME I became a Frugal affiliate, so I’ll earn a little income if you purchase using this link:

Update: The guys from Frugal have rebranded with an amazing, WordPress premium theme called Catalyst. If you’ve been using Thesis, Catalyst is definitely worth a look.

Catalyst WordPress premium theme

>> discover Catalyst

Franklin Mint 100 Greatest Recordings of all time

The 100 Greatest Recordings of all time - cover 1

Franklin Mint 100 Greatest Recordings: ‘The 100 Greatest Recordings of all time’ from the Franklin Mint has been called the ultimate private library of fine recorded music. Every recording was selected by a distinguished panel of music authorities (Martin Bookspan, Schuyler G. Chapin, Franco Ferrara, Irving Kolodin, William Mann, R. Gallois Montbrun, Marcel Prawy, Andre Previn, William Schuman and H. H. Stuckenschmidt).*

The 100 Greatest Recordings of all time - overview

The library was first announced on the 100th anniversary of Thomas Edison’s invention of the phonograph. Each recorded treasure was pressed with a special vinyl formulation that enabled a clear, quiet playing surface on a more rigid LP disk. Every record was pressed in an atmosphere controlled “clean room.”

There are 50 library cases. Each library case houses two proof-quality long playing records, with each record resting, fully protected, within its own dust free compartment. The record is firmly supported within the closed compartment in such a way that the grooved playing surface never touches any part of the case. Each library case includes a specially written and illustrated commentary, by a respected music expert. The composers and their works are discussed in detail, and background information is provided on the orchestras, conductors, ensembles, and featured soloists.

>> click here to view or download a PDF reference (Record Number and Side/Composer/Performer/Title)

The 100 Greatest Recordings of all time - #1 openThe 100 Greatest Recordings of all time - #1 insert

This is a truly unsurpassed private library of recorded music.

I listened to a couple of disks on my Linn Sondek LP12/Linn Ittok arm. I sold the Linn gear decades ago and I haven’t had a turntable since.

Linn Sondek LP12

My library has been stored vertically in a sofa table for over thirty years. The vast majority of my LPs have never been played. If you are a vinyl audiophile, you won’t find a more impressive collection.

The 100 Greatest Recordings of all time - bookcase

Franklin Mint – The 100 Greatest Recordings of all time
The complete 100 LP collection is now available for purchase
Price: $2,000 cash

My collection is currently located in Vancouver, BC Canada. I’m open to offers worldwide, but you will have to pay for shipping, over and above the purchase price.

Please use my contact form to express your interest.

>> click here to visit my contact form

Update (20120328): Sold for the full asking price of $2,000 plus $385 for shipping and insurance.

* Distinguished Advisory Panel

Martin Bookspan is a leading critic and former commentator for the New York Philharmonic’s vastly popular radio concerts. He has served on the panel of the radio series “First Hearing” and has also been host and commentator for “Composer’s Forum Matinees” and for broadcasts of the Boston, Pittsburgh, Washington, and American Symphony Orchestras. For many years, Mr. Bookspan compiled and annotated the Basic Classical Repertoire section for Stereo Review magazine.

Schuyler G. Chapin, Dean of Columbia University’s School of the Arts, served as general manager of the Metropolitan Opera from 1972 to 1975. He was the recipient of an Emmy Award in 1971 as producer of “Beethoven’s Birthday: A Celebration in Vienna with Leonard Bernstein” and in 1975 he was honored with a second Emmy for producing “Danny Kaye’s Look-In at the Metropolitan.”

Franco Ferrara, an outstanding pianist, violinist, conductor and composer, holds a faculty chair at the historic Academia di Santa Cecilia in Rome. As a conductor, he has directed many concert orchestras in Europe and has taught conducting at musical centers throughout the world. In addition to his symphonic music, quartets, and Sonatas, Mr. Ferrara has written the lyric opera “The Feast of Fire.”

Irving Kolodin, the highly respected music editor of The Saturday Review for many years, has written the definitive history of the Metropolitan Opera and is the author of The Continuity of Music, Interior Beethoven, and The Opera Omnibus. In 1970 he served as a member of the commission to select the White House Record Library for the Presidents of the United States. Mr. Kolodin presently is a member of the faculty of the Juilliard School of Music.

William Mann, senior music critic of The London Times, is a leading reviewer of records and a member of the editorial board of Opera. He is a contributing editor to The Record Guide and The Great Records. Among Mr. Mann’s books on music history are works on Bach, Mozart, Wagner, and Richard Strauss, as well as A Critical Story of the Operas.

R. Gallois Montbrun is Directeur of the Conservatoire National Superieur de Musique in Paris. One of the Continent’s most respected composers, he has been awarded both the Premier Grand Prix de Rome de Composition Musicale and the Prix de Composition Musicale de la Ville de Paris. M. Montbrun also serves as President d’ Honneur de l’Orchestre de Paris.

Marcel Prawy, a professor at the Vienna Academy of Music, also holds a position as an instructor at the University of Vienna and in the United States as a visiting professor at Yale University. The author of The Vienna Opera and Johann Strauss: History in Three-Quarter Time, he is well-known throughout Germany in his role as a television commentator.

Andre Previn is principal conductor of the London Symphony Orchestra and music director of the Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra. A composer of chamber music and other classical works, Mr. Previn has received four Academy Awards for his musical scores for films and has been awarded the London Critics’ Prize for his work in television. He is the author of the book Music Face to Face.

William Schuman, one of this century’s most distinguished serious composers, was the first winner of the Pulitzer Prize for music. He is president emeritus of both the Juilliard School of Music and the Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts. His wide-ranging musical works are too numerous to cite. Mr. Schuman has received many honors and tributes, including 20 honorary doctorates from leading American colleges and universities.

H. H. Stuckenschmidt is a member of the Akademie der Kuenste in West Berlin and a professor emeritus of Technische University. He is the author of several books in the field of music and was recognized in 1976 for his contributions to music with the presentation of the Hans von Bulow Medaille.