SONY DHR-1000 Prosumer Video Studio

Shoot and edit your video with or without a computer. Great fun! Give Steven Spielberg a run for his money. SONY Prosumer Video Studio DHR-1000 SONY Digital Video Cassette Recorder (DV/MiniDV editor) GV-D300 SONY Digital Video Cassette Recorder (MiniDV) PVM-14M2U SONY Trinitron Monitor DCR-TRV900 SONY 3CCD miniDV Handycam SPC-DVF2 SONY Handycam sports (submersible case) VCL-ES20x2 … Read more

Best Mac Apps

Best Mac Apps: Frank Eves’ shortcut to getting the best software for your Mac. 1Password create strong, unique passwords, remember them, restore them Aperture refine images, showcase photos and manage massive libraries AppDelete uninstall applications, widgets, preference panes, plugins, screensavers along with their associated files Apple iLife iPhoto, iMovie and GarageBand Apple iWork Pages, Numbers … Read more

Vancouver Island Favourites (1974—1990)

When I mentioned Cumberland yesterday, it prompted a little reflection. My family and I lived on Vancouver Island from 1974 to 1990: Victoria (1974—1976) CFS (Canadian Forces Station) Holberg (1976—1977) Cumberland (1977—1990) A few of the people, excluding patients, who left a lasting, positive, impression were (listed chronologically): Nestor, Jim, Mel, Mike, Pat, Wally and … Read more

1984: Long Ago, Cumberland, Computers…

How long ago was 1984? Jump into your ‘way back machine’ courtesy of this short, Apple, internal video. Pay attention to: the music the clothes and particularly the computers Unlike many of you, I was alive in 1984, living in the Comox Valley, on Vancouver Island, on Canada’s west coast. I was living in Cumberland. … Read more

iPad DODOcase Story

I’ve heard that the world’s largest container ships (15,000 containers) travel from China to the US to supply Wal-Mart. I’ve also heard that the same ships return to China almost empty. Paraphrasing from a video I watched on TV, billionaire T. Boone Pickens said, “We have witnessed the largest transfer of wealth in the history … Read more

A Boy’s Motor Vehicle Lust

What’s happened to me? Once upon a time, not so very long ago, the Lambo would have raised my heart rate. Today, I’m attracted to the Fiat electric. It’s either ‘Low T’ or I’ve become practical; I’m a little concerned that Low T and practical are the same thing. 🙂

WordPress Themes – Frugal, Headway or Thesis?

When I began shopping for a ‘WordPress Premium Theme’ three names kept popping up – Frugal, Headway and Thesis. I believe Thesis was the first design platform/framework theme and as such had been recommended by any number of big-shot bloggers. That said, it quickly became obvious to me that the newcomers Frugal and Headway were … Read more

Franklin Mint 100 Greatest Recordings of all time

Franklin Mint 100 Greatest Recordings: ‘The 100 Greatest Recordings of all time’ from the Franklin Mint has been called the ultimate private library of fine recorded music. Every recording was selected by a distinguished panel of music authorities (Martin Bookspan, Schuyler G. Chapin, Franco Ferrara, Irving Kolodin, William Mann, R. Gallois Montbrun, Marcel Prawy, Andre … Read more