Vancouver Island Favourites (1974—1990)

Vancouver Island

When I mentioned Cumberland yesterday, it prompted a little reflection.

My family and I lived on Vancouver Island from 1974 to 1990:

  • Victoria (1974—1976)
  • CFS (Canadian Forces Station) Holberg (1976—1977)
  • Cumberland (1977—1990)

A few of the people, excluding patients, who left a lasting, positive, impression were (listed chronologically):

  • Nestor, Jim, Mel, Mike, Pat, Wally and Pete
  • Bruce, Steve, Margie, Bob and Micky
  • Ellie, Donalda, Lydia, Linda, Carolyn, Kurt, Gino, Catherine, Penny, Millie, Tanis and Bruce

You guys know your last names.

A few places on the island that made me smile: