Wealth – Grasshoppers Are the Real Elite

Elite palace

Over a decade ago, there was a terrific animated movie about the life of an ant colony, their grasshopper overlords and some other bugs; you know the film I mean. You’ll recall the grasshoppers were able to control the servile ants, until the ants finally wised up to the fact that there are far more ants than there are grasshoppers.

You’ve undoubtedly been paying attention to the recent restlessness in the Middle-East (West Asia/North Africa). Interestingly, the King of Saudi Arabia was one of the first to speak out against the “infiltrators” who in his view were “inciting a malicious sedition” in Egypt. I understand, but have no sympathy for, his self-interested fears.

Frankly, I suspect the majority of the population, in all countries, is restless. Worldwide, the rich have become disproportionately wealthier at the expense of the working poor and the middle-class. The Real Elite need to come to their senses. It’s not time for a repeat of the French Revolution or class warfare, but the world is in need of a new philosophy,

“Greed is NOT good.”

I agree with the following statement:

“Rather than just a handful of companies building up to become billion-dollar enterprises, we need millions of companies building million-dollar businesses. Or even 500,000 dollar businesses. Two hundred thousand-dollar businesses. 100,000-dollar businesses. 50,000-dollar businesses. 10,000-dollar businesses.” — Sramana Mitra