Chinese New Year Canada

Chinese New Year Canada dragon

Centuries ago China was a largely agrarian society. The time after the harvest and before the next planting was a time to celebrate that coincided with the lunar New Year. Chinese New Year is a very big deal for Chinese, it’s like our Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year’s day rolled up into one holiday.

Celebrate Chinese New Year Canada: Wear red, eat prawns, fish, dumplings and angel hair seaweed. Consider gifting red envelopes of money (crisp new bills, an even number total, but not $4, $40, or $400) to Chinese children and those not yet married.

Kung Hei Fat Choy, to my Chinese friends.

2011 – the Year of the Golden Rabbit – 3 February 2011

The Rabbit is the symbol of the Moon (Yin of Heaven – magic).

Enjoy a peaceful year, recharge and rejuvenate. Throughout the year stare at the full moon every month to soak up white light and ‘moon dust,’ it will strengthen your ‘Chi’ (inner energy).

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