Water – Don’t Take Yours for Granted

Image of earth from space

Where I live, water is abundant, but did you know that one in eight people worldwide don’t have access to clean water?

“Most of us have never really been thirsty. We’ve never had to leave our houses and walk 5 miles to fetch water. We simply turn on the tap, and water comes out. Clean. Yet there are a billion people on the planet who don’t have clean water. It’s hard to imagine what a billion people looks like really, but one in eight might be easier. One in eight people in our world doesn’t have access to the most basic of human needs. Something we can’t imagine going 12 hours without. Here, we’d like to introduce you to a few of those billion people. They are very real, and they need our help. They didn’t choose to be born into a village where the only source of water is a polluted swamp. And I didn’t choose to be born in a country where even the homeless have access to clean water and a toilet.”
— charity: water (About Us tab)

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Geographical water shortages aren’t the only threat to your water, I suspect that coming years will make it obvious that corporate greed is an even bigger threat.