Indoor Air Quality

For the last few months, I’ve been joking with my family, telling them that I’m rapidly becoming a ‘wheezer geezer.’ Frankly, my attempted humour/humor about my frequent cough and an obvious expiratory wheeze wasn’t doing a very good job of allaying my family’s concerns. My wife and grown children were aware that my grandfather, on my mother’s side, died from complications of asthma. My wife was also aware that I had significant exposure to asbestos when I was a boy. Common sense told me that our Golden Retriever and our old house probably had something to do with my breathing difficulties, but a doctor’s imagination can be a terrible thing. I was secretly concerned and I knew that a doctor’s visit might be on the horizon. Did you know that many doctors don’t like to go to the doctor?

I decided to attempt to improve our indoor air quality before conceding that I might need an inhaler.

I purchased two gadgets manufactured by SHARP Electronics Corporation; specifically the SHARP FP-N60CX and the FP-N25CX. Bluntly stated, I’m very impressed; it’s only been a few days, my cough is disappearing and my wheeze is gone. I’m delighted with these things. They look nice, they’re quiet and, of course, best of all, they have worked magic.