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I’m often asked, “How do you use Twitter?”

I Tweet links I find interesting. I haven’t followed the wisdom of marketing gurus, my Tweets are not focused on a single topic. FWIW, my Twitter follower count as of today (20110211) is about 45,000.

Here are the Twitter related programs I use on my iMac:

Safari WebKit
Safari <= Browser, I use the WebKit nightly updates

NetNewsWire <= News reader, I’m also tempted by Reeder.

PTHPasteboard <= Multiple clipboard utility

Echofon <= Twitter client

Xyngular Twitter

The second Twitter related question I’m asked is, “How do you use Twitter to promote your business?”

I introduce the occasional Tweet regarding Xyngular supplements and my Xyngular business.

Links deactivated, please see below.

Twitter has enabled me to meet interesting people from all over the world.

Note: Twitter is not affiliated with and does not endorse Xyngular.

Update 20111103: I’m no longer involved with network marketing.