Xyngular – Best Links

I performed a Google search for ‘Xyngular’ this morning. I was shocked, or at least pleasantly surprised, to discover that this website, FrankEves.com, ranked on the front, search page, at least for the moment. Interestingly, although Google searches are usually case-insensitive, I get slightly different search results depending on whether I search for ‘xyngular,’ ‘Xyngular’ or ‘XYNGULAR.’ Using all-caps, as I’ve done for the category title, gets the best result.

Why was I surprised? Well, it’s an SEO (Search Engine Optimization) thing. For starters, the search term wasn’t part of the domain name FrankEves.com, that plus the fact that I’ve only occasionally posted about it in my blog.

Frankly, when I performed the search, I hoped I might see a link to one of these websites:

  • http://XyngularSupplements.com <= product focus
  • http://1stwealth.com/xyngular/ <= business focus

Links deactivated, see below

If you’ve landed here after clicking on a Google link, you might find one of the two websites I’ve listed above more informative than this site is.

Update 20111103: I’m no longer involved with network marketing.