CNI is:

  • merging with XYNGULAR
  • adopting a straightline compensation plan
  • bringing 2 new, ‘revolutionary’ products to the marketplace (expect announcements later today)
  • creating a global profit pool

What we’ve been told:

  • XYNGULAR is backed by a $40 million dollar International powerhouse.
  • We’ll be opening 10-20 countries this year.
  • There are currently 1,000 people joining CNI per day.

What we already know:

  • We have the most effective weight-loss program I’ve ever seen.
  • We will have a superb, best-in-class, liquid antioxidant.
  • We will have a compensation plan that addresses two longstanding network marketing problems head on. Expect to see more people earning an income and diminished attrition.

From a business vantage, this will be a new beginning for everyone.

>> click here to discover XYNG
Update: I deactivated this link, please see below

‘JOIN NOW 4 FREE’ promotion ends Sunday, January 17th at midnight CST.

Update: CNI has merged with XYNGULAR to become XYNGULAR. The JOIN NOW 4 FREE promotion has been discontinued. I’ve updated the link above and pointed to my new website.

I’m already imagining a global team numbering in the millions.

Update 20111103: I’m no longer involved with network marketing.