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Are you a network marketer or potential networker who lives in Canada? Are you trying to find a Canadian MLM?

Network marketing in Canada has its challenges. If you’ve been networking for long, you may have experienced some, or perhaps all, of this scenario:

  • you discovered a ground-floor, potential money-maker, but it started in the USA and wasn’t open for business in Canada
  • you set up a US address to get a head-start and made frequent cross-border trips to pickup your orders and cheques
  • when the opportunity finally arrived in Canada, the product was “for personal consumption only, not for retail”
  • the variable currency exchange rate and shipping costs made your product expensive and thus difficult to market
  • hassles with Canada Customs
  • Canada Post handling charges
  • you joined a network marketing company that was already well established in the US, but was pre-launching in Canada only to discover that existing, high-ranking, US distributors were more appealing to your fellow Canadians than you were.

What if instead, you discovered a company that:

  • was only six months old (20100601) and launched in Canada at exactly the same time that it launched in the U.S.
  • had a Canadian office, staffed by Canadians
  • had products that ship directly to you from the Canadian office without going through Customs
  • was very competitive in a trillion-dollar industry
  • had reasonable shipping costs with no charges for orders over $200
  • made it easy for you to do business online
  • offered low startup and low monthly costs
  • featured a remarkable commission structure that removes most, if not all, the roadblocks to your financial success?

Hey, even our President’s wife was born in Alberta.

My name’s Dr. Frank Eves, I live in a gorgeous village on Canada’s west coast. XYNGULAR Canada will allow me to network the world from the comfort of our home. My commute is over when I grab a chilled glass of fresh orange juice from my fridge.

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Update 20111103: I’m no longer involved with network marketing.