I Left Network Marketing

Why I Left Network Marketing: A quick explanation…

Comment: It’s possible you arrived at this blog post because you were redirected from one of my old network marketing websites. I apologize if the information you might have been searching for is no longer available.

I attempted to create wealth for myself, my family and friends with a couple of direct sales businesses. I persevered for over a decade. I enrolled thousands of hopeful people; unfortunately, only a couple of those people earned a significant income. My goal was to help, but the attrition stats were undeniable. I started to feel like I was picking pockets rather than doing good. The big question is, did I fail thousands of distributors, or, did network marketing’s business-model for distributors let all of us down?

I recently decided to sever my ties to the network marketing profession. Thank you to all the wonderful people, I’ve met along the way. I wish you health, happiness and enormous success in your future endeavours.

Network Marketing – Think Hard Before Joining

Network marketing has been around for over fifty years, so its track record is very well established. Millions and millions of people, worldwide, have enrolled; unfortunately, the vast majority ended up losing their money. Significantly, and contrary to myth, only a minuscule fraction of one percent of network marketing professionals have actually earned serious incomes.

Here’s a typical example: ‘Big Money’ stories enticed people, by the hundreds of thousands, to discover an exotic, super-fruit, juice company. Titillated by stories that the company’s top income earners were paid millions of dollars every year, financially desperate people felt they had new hope; some actually dreamed about earning as much as $100,000 per month. What happened to their dreams?

Not too long ago, that company’s, government mandated, income disclosure statement revealed that:

  • fewer than one percent qualified for commissions
  • of the one percent who qualified for commissions, only ten percent earned more than $100 a week

99% never earned any money. 0.9% earned less than $100 per week. 0.1% earned more than $100 weekly.

You might be thinking, “One out of every one thousand people earning $100, or more, per week doesn’t sound too bad.” Unfortunately, your thought process may not have factored in the distributor’s business related expenses. How much did the distributor spend for their required monthly product order? What were her/his marketing expenses (examples: product samples, magazines, brochures, DVDs, postage, newspaper ads, websites, pay-per-click ads and leads)? It’s, usually, surprisingly difficult to get a network marketing business into profit.

Q: What makes you think it will be different for you?

Here’s a quote I saved* (warning, it’s depressing for network marketers):

Roland Whitsell, a former business professor who spent 40 years researching and teaching the pitfalls of multilevel marketing: "You’d be hard-pressed to find anyone making over $1.50 an hour, the primary product is opportunity. The strongest, most powerful motivational force today is false hope."

*Note: My apologies to the original author, I neglected to record the attribution when I saved his/her quote.

Something New

Network Marketing Heads Up cover

I’ve published a downloadable eBook in ePub format. The title is ‘Network Marketing Heads Up.’

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Wealth – Grasshoppers Are the Real Elite

Elite palace

Over a decade ago, there was a terrific animated movie about the life of an ant colony, their grasshopper overlords and some other bugs; you know the film I mean. You’ll recall the grasshoppers were able to control the servile ants, until the ants finally wised up to the fact that there are far more ants than there are grasshoppers.

You’ve undoubtedly been paying attention to the recent restlessness in the Middle-East (West Asia/North Africa). Interestingly, the King of Saudi Arabia was one of the first to speak out against the “infiltrators” who in his view were “inciting a malicious sedition” in Egypt. I understand, but have no sympathy for, his self-interested fears.

Frankly, I suspect the majority of the population, in all countries, is restless. Worldwide, the rich have become disproportionately wealthier at the expense of the working poor and the middle-class. The Real Elite need to come to their senses. It’s not time for a repeat of the French Revolution or class warfare, but the world is in need of a new philosophy,

“Greed is NOT good.”

I agree with the following statement:

“Rather than just a handful of companies building up to become billion-dollar enterprises, we need millions of companies building million-dollar businesses. Or even 500,000 dollar businesses. Two hundred thousand-dollar businesses. 100,000-dollar businesses. 50,000-dollar businesses. 10,000-dollar businesses.” — Sramana Mitra

Network Marketing Seasons

network marketing seasons

Did you know that network marketing has seasons? Network marketing seasons vary from country to country, but follow this pattern:

  • January to May -fast business building
  • June – August – slow
  • September to U.S. Thanksgiving – fast
  • Thanksgiving to New Year – slow

Bottom line: It’s generally easier to find new network marketing team members when people aren’t on their summer vacation or enjoying the Christmas season.

Q: “Should I wait until September to begin prospecting?”
A: No, there’s never a bad time to make new friends. Summer and Christmas are great times to meet new people.

Bluntly, I’ve grown to dislike the word ‘prospecting,’ at least as it applies to network marketing. It makes me think that your goal is to search for gold in someone’s pockets, rather than developing a mutually beneficial relationship.

Build relationships and the money will follow.

The best network marketing compensation plans have urgency built in, so it really doesn’t matter what time of year it is.

Everyone who joins XYNGULAR after you, worldwide, will be part of your team.

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Update 20111103: I’m no longer involved with network marketing.

Canadian MLM – Network Marketing in Canada

Stack of Canadian 20s

Are you a network marketer or potential networker who lives in Canada? Are you trying to find a Canadian MLM?

Network marketing in Canada has its challenges. If you’ve been networking for long, you may have experienced some, or perhaps all, of this scenario:

  • you discovered a ground-floor, potential money-maker, but it started in the USA and wasn’t open for business in Canada
  • you set up a US address to get a head-start and made frequent cross-border trips to pickup your orders and cheques
  • when the opportunity finally arrived in Canada, the product was “for personal consumption only, not for retail”
  • the variable currency exchange rate and shipping costs made your product expensive and thus difficult to market
  • hassles with Canada Customs
  • Canada Post handling charges
  • you joined a network marketing company that was already well established in the US, but was pre-launching in Canada only to discover that existing, high-ranking, US distributors were more appealing to your fellow Canadians than you were.

What if instead, you discovered a company that:

  • was only six months old (20100601) and launched in Canada at exactly the same time that it launched in the U.S.
  • had a Canadian office, staffed by Canadians
  • had products that ship directly to you from the Canadian office without going through Customs
  • was very competitive in a trillion-dollar industry
  • had reasonable shipping costs with no charges for orders over $200
  • made it easy for you to do business online
  • offered low startup and low monthly costs
  • featured a remarkable commission structure that removes most, if not all, the roadblocks to your financial success?

Hey, even our President’s wife was born in Alberta.

My name’s Dr. Frank Eves, I live in a gorgeous village on Canada’s west coast. XYNGULAR Canada will allow me to network the world from the comfort of our home. My commute is over when I grab a chilled glass of fresh orange juice from my fridge.

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Update 20111103: I’m no longer involved with network marketing.