Thurston Howell Romney Video

Thurston Howell Romney

Note: I ‘borrowed’ the Thurston Howell Romney title from David Brooks’ excellent article in the New York Times.

I’m, more than a little, dismayed that so many people were surprised by the following Mitt Romney video:

Suggesting that forty-seven percent of the US population are ‘moochers’ is shocking, especially coming from someone who aspires to be President, but no one should be surprised that it was Mitt Romney that said it.

Folks, Mitt Romney is a private equity guy. Private equity/leveraged buyout people are not job creators. It’s always about personal PROFIT.

National Anthem by Mitt Romney

The National Anthem by Mitt Romney aka ‘Firms’ is a 2012 Presidential campaign ad approved by Barack Obama. It’s a beauty. I suspect it will change the Obama/Romney vote ratio in the President’s favour.

Attack ads have become an unfortunate, but accepted, part of modern day politics. In Canada the political parties have small budgets and produce lame ads. In the USA, enormous budgets allow campaign managers to hire the very best consultants. Whoever dreamt up the national anthem by Mitt Romney deserves a big bonus. She/He/They crafted a very simple thirty second ad, that takes a potentially complicated subject and delivers a clear message in a manner that couldn’t be more straightforward. The ad packs an immense psychological impact. This is precisely why the vast majority of Americans are so frustrated.

Note: Yes, I do know ‘America the Beautiful’ isn’t ‘The Star Spangled Banner’.